How Old Should a Newborn Baby Be for a Professional Photoshoot?

How Old Should a Newborn Baby Be for a Professional Photoshoot?

All those cute baby photos get us wishing for a baby and fill our hearts with warmth. You wish to wrap your newborn and capture cute pictures of them. For the first few weeks, your little one is tiny with closed eyes and usually chill. Those moments never come back, so why not freeze them in aesthetic photo sessions? To photograph the essence of a newborn, many parents hire photographers. But what is the right time for a newborn photo shoot? This blog covers the best time to photograph your little one professionally and why you should do so.

What is the Ideal Time for a Newborn Photoshoot?

Babies are unpredictable — they might start crying while they are being photographed or spend it sleeping soundly. The best time for having a newborn photo shoot is the first 8 weeks after birth. However, it does not mean you cannot book a photo session for an older baby. Since every stage of a baby’s life is different, you can get extraordinary results in each.

Ideally, a baby should be 1 to 8 weeks old for a photo shoot. But, each stage brings something new to the forefront. We will discuss this below:

  • Week 1-2: The babies are in a predictable state; you can quickly determine their sleeping schedule and book a session accordingly. Additionally, they are flexible, and you can take your desired pictures. The poses will not be challenging to make. Thus, you can recreate any baby pictures that inspire you.
  • Week 3-5: Your baby’s comfort should come first. Hence, you can delay the photo session till after the eighth week, especially if they are sensitive to outside stimuli like lights, sounds, etc. However, some babies get chubby and too big for some props, so be mindful of that if you want a fresh newborn photo shoot.
  • Week 6-8: Although this is not the ideal time frame for newborn photography, you can still capture their animate facial expressions.

If you miss this period, you can still have a professional photo session when the baby is 4 to 6 months old. This is an ideal period to capture their smiles and milestones like sitting, getting on all fours, etc. Your baby’s firsts and milestones are exciting, and there is nothing wrong with celebrating them. Even if your baby missed their newborn shoot, capture their special moments later.

What Is A Good Time for Newborn Photoshoot of Twins, Multiplets, and Preemies?

Preemies are premature babies born before time, i.e., 37 weeks. Since they are born before, they usually stay in the hospital until further development. Similarly, twins and multiplets are born tinier compared to single babies. Also, they typically arrive before time too.

A 5-week mark can be considered best for newborn photo shoots for preemies and multiplets. However, it depends on the baby and their development as well.

Why Is It Important to do the Newborn Photoshoot in the First Few Weeks?

When your little one arrives, you will be occupied 24/7. The days will pass quickly, and you will hardly find time for yourself — let alone a photo shoot. But, it is worth it to dedicate a few hours of your busy schedule to capture your baby in the initial week. The reasons why it is essential are:

1. Capturing Emotions

Photographs allow us to look back and reminisce the special moments. Your baby will start growing up soon, but having something to remember their initial days will be priceless. Moreover, you can capture their very first emotions and response to the external stimuli as they are being introduced to the world.

2. Remembering How Small They Were

Babies grow up fast; capturing them in their first week will be a reminder of just how tiny they were. Their small, curled hands and feet, pout, closed eyes, and more will be photographed. Hence, these images will leave you awestruck when your baby grows and develops prominent features. Your heart will fill up with emotions when you compare your baby’s journey and realize how much they have grown.

3. Easier to Photograph

Newborn babies are easier to photograph in the first week, as they usually sleep longer. This provides a perfect opportunity to dress them up, set props, and make different poses as they sleep deeply.

What Is The Takeaway?

Capturing a newborn baby allows you to keep reminders of your baby’s initial days for a long time. The best time to do it is in the first eight weeks, especially week 1. However, you can wait for 3 to 5 weeks for twins, multiplets, and preemies. Many parents opt for newborn photography; Houston has tons of options available. Though, make sure to contact the photographer during the pregnancy to decide the details and schedule the day. If your little one has arrived, capture their every moment.

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